Cretin Corner: Featuring /u/ThingsGetWhatever

It looks like my last post stirred up some controversy on Reddit. I’m glad. Hopefully it will plant some seeds of doubt within these fucktards’ corrupted outlook on reality.

But I digress.

In said post’s comments, a user maintaining the moniker “ThingsGetWhatever" pleads for me to satiate his pitiful thirst for attention. And, since I’m such a friendly person, I’ve decided to heed his request.


First of all, this person claims to have some sort of mental health issue. Whether or not this claim is accurate goes beyond the scope of this featurette, and so, for now, I’ll take it as true.

I see one huge glaring hole in his story, though. I’ve been working in the mental health community for a long time (also out of the scope of this scoop), and I’ve never seen this type of “glorifying behaviour”.

Additionally, considering that he has stated in this post and several others that he has experience with other people who are afflicted with similar disorders, it seems incredibly odd that he would not recognize that disorders such as D.I.D. and M.P.D. are spectrums, rather than cookie-cutter one diagnosis fits all type things.

But he isn’t just ableist. No sirree. After looking through his past posts (at his request), I’ve begun to notice a strikingly… Misogynistic pattern? Not surprising, I suppose. It should be expected at this point from the standard Redditard.


Abusive, heteronormative and anti-women porn? Check.


Anti safe-sex and putting the ownness of childbirth on women? Check.


Perpetuating rape culture by allowing his own a “free pass” because women are “just as bad”? Check fuckity check check fuck.


It’s strange traveling through their world. It’s so different from here, so closed minded, that I can’t even begin to fathom how much more close minded it’s users’ minds are.

Something has to be done.